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Source: Marriott in the Kitchen
Date: May 6, 2009
Byline: Brad Nelson

Dinner Impossible Made Possible at the Brooklyn Marriott

Ralph Romano runs the kitchens of The New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge with passion and focus, just as when he did for many years the kitchens of the San Juan Marriott Resort. Chef Romano is well organized, but what does a chef do when asked to play host to a popular Food Network show? Tune in tonight, May 6 at 10 pm EST (check your local listings) for the Food Network's popular show Dinner Impossible, filmed entirely at the Brooklyn Marriott in February '09.

As each week starts, celebrity/host Chef Robert Irvine has no idea what or where he will serve his guests only that he has 12 hours to plan, buy, cook, and serve the menu from start to finish. In this week's episode,"Crossword Puzzle Crisis", Chef Irvine's challenge is to prepare a lunch for 400+ guests who are attending the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in the hotel's ballroom. All the menu items need to be crossword puzzle answers; e.g., "peaches and cream", "bigger fish to fry"....Irvine first must solve the puzzle.

I asked Chef Romano if he would share his thoughts on the experience.

Dinner Impossible, Great fun

It felt really good to be a "sous Chef" again

No worries, hustling', Chef yelling, just like the ole days.

Robert Irvine is one intense chef...

Cut to 2:00am Chef Robert is being filmed outside the Brooklyn Marriott, prowling about, always on point, ready to pounce on someone or something...Impossible!

The side I saw of him that I really like was his sensitivity, yes sensitivity.

Also his sense of cadence and rhythm is remarkable, he paces the show like an orchestra conductor, his instinct is really remarkable from moments of high drama to quiet introspection and soliloquy.

The Brooklyn team had a blast lets see how much ends up on the cutting room floor.

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