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Don Christensen's Pictures

 Crossword Tournament

Don Christensen's Pictures from the 2005 ACPT Tournament: Group 1

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1523015-r10-007-2 1523015-r10-009-3 1523015-r10-011-4 1523015-r10-013-5 1523015-r10-015-6 1523015-r10-017-7 1523015-r10-019-8 1523015-r10-021-9 1523015-r10-023-10 1523015-r10-025-11 1523015-r10-027-12 1523015-r10-029-13 1523015-r10-031-14 1523015-r10-033-15 1523015-r10-035-16 1523015-r10-037-17 1523015-r10-039-18 1523015-r10-041-19 1523015-r10-043-20 1523015-r10-045-21 1523015-r10-047-22 1523015-r10-049-23 1523015-r10-051-24 1523015-r10-053-25 1523015-r10-055-26 1523015-r10-057-27 1523015-r10-059-28 1523015-r10-061-29 1523015-r10-063-30 1523015-r10-065-31 1523015-r10-067-32 1523015-r10-069-33 1523015-r10-071-34 1523015-r10-073-35 1523015-r10-075-36 1523015-r1-025-11 1523015-r1-027-12 1523015-r1-029-13 1523015-r1-031-14 1523015-r1-033-15 1523015-r1-035-16 1523015-r1-037-17 1523015-r1-039-18 1523015-r1-041-19 Jim Jenista and Will Shortz show off the Quilt Mike shows off his "1-hour" crossword Champion Tyler Hinman and Will Shortz Tyler Hinman competing for the Gold Tyler Hinman and the Silver Cup Tyler Hinman and the winning grid