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Don Christensen's Pictures

 Crossword Tournament

Don Christensen's Pictures from the 2016 ACPT Tournament: Sunday Finals

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DFC_2302 DFC_2305 DFC_2306 DFC_2307 DFC_2308 DFC_2310 DFC_2317 DFC_2324 DFC_2325 DFC_2328 DFC_2334 DFC_2337 DFC_2341 DFC_2344 DFC_2345 DFC_2346 DFC_2348 DFC_2349 DFC_2350 DFC_2353 DFC_2355 DFC_2356 DFC_2360 DFC_2361 DFC_2369 DFC_2370 DFC_2374 DFC_2375 DFC_2376 DFC_2379 DFC_2381 DFC_2383 DFC_2389 DFC_2394 DFC_2396 DFC_2398 DFC_2407 DFC_2411 DFC_2414 DFC_2417 DFC_2420 DFC_2421 DFC_2423 DFC_2426 DFC_2435 DFC_2444 DFC_2448 DFC_2449 DFC_2451 DFC_2454 DFC_2456 DFC_2460 DFC_2464 DFC_2466 DFC_2467 DFC_2470 DFC_2474 DFC_2478 DFC_2485 DFC_2486 DFC_2487 DFC_2488 DFC_2489 DFC_2490 DFC_2491 DFC_2494 DFC_2495 DFC_2498 DFC_2499 DFC_2516 DFC_2517 DFC_2531 DFC_2536 DFC_2537 DFC_2538 DFC_2540 DFC_2541 DFC_2546 DFC_2553 DFC_2576 DFC_2578

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