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Don Christensen's Pictures

 Crossword Tournament

Don Christensen's Pictures from the 2016 ACPT Tournament: Friday Night

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DFC_1782 DFC_1783 DFC_1794 DFC_1798 DFC_1801 DFC_1804 DFC_1812 DFC_1818 DFC_1821 DFC_1823 DFC_1824 DFC_1826 DFC_1829 DFC_1830 DFC_1832 DFC_1834 DFC_1835 DFC_1836 DFC_1837 DFC_1839 DFC_1840 DFC_1843 DFC_1845 DFC_1846 DFC_1853 DFC_1866 DFC_1870 DFC_1872 DFC_1874 DFC_1887 DFC_1891 DFC_1899 DFC_1900 DFC_1903 DFC_1906 DFC_1907

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