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Don Christensen's Pictures

 Crossword Tournament

Don Christensen's Pictures from the 2016 ACPT Tournament: Saturday - Puzzles 1-6

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DFC_1909 DFC_1911 DFC_1916 DFC_1917 DFC_1919 DFC_1921 DFC_1922 DFC_1924 DFC_1925 DFC_1926 DFC_1927 DFC_1929 DFC_1930 DFC_1931 DFC_1932 DFC_1934 DFC_1941 DFC_1943 DFC_1945 DFC_1947 DFC_1949 DFC_1950 DFC_1957 DFC_1958 DFC_1961 DFC_1973 DFC_1974 DFC_1975 DFC_1977 DFC_1979 DFC_1988 DFC_1995 DFC_1996 DFC_2008 DFC_2010 DFC_2011 DFC_2013 DFC_2014 DFC_2019 DFC_2027 DFC_2028 DFC_2029 DFC_2032 DFC_2034 DFC_2041 DFC_2055 DFC_2056 DFC_2057 DFC_2065 DFC_2066 DFC_2067 DFC_2070 DFC_2071 DFC_2073 DFC_2080 DFC_2082 DFC_2089 DFC_2091 DFC_2092 DFC_2095 DFC_2098 DFC_2100 DFC_2102 DFC_2104 DFC_2105 DFC_2106

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