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Source: The New York Times
Date: February 2008
Byline: Will Shortz

The 31st Annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

Have you ever wondered how good a crossword solver you are ... and what other crossword enthusiasts are like?

As The New York Times's crossword editor, I would like to let you know about the 31st annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, which I direct. It will take place Feb. 29 to Mar. 2 at a brand-new, larger venue, in Brooklyn, N.Y.

More than 600 crossworders will attend from across the U.S. and Canada, representing all skill levels — beginners to experts and everything in between. Prizes are awarded in 22 categories, including the Best Rookie. The grand prize is $5,000.

Guest speakers, informal word games, and a wine and cheese reception allow participants to meet each other in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. A special event this year will be a large-screen presentation of "Wordploy," a documentary spoof on the hit 2006 film "Wordplay." The prizes will be presented by Grant Barret and Martha Barnette of public radio's "A Way With Words."

Try a sample puzzle from last year's American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

It is also possible to solve the tournament puzzles from home, either online or by mail.

Whether you participate from home or in person at Brooklyn, I hope you'll join us!

Will Shortz

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