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Source: Yahoo!
Date: March 18, 2011
Byline: Jesse Schmitt

34th American Crossword Puzzle Tournament Comes to Brooklyn

If you think crossword puzzles are time fillers when on the subway or when you are sipping your Sunday mimosa at Irish Rogue then you are mistaken. The 34th American Crossword Puzzle Tournament is this weekend March 19th and 20th. The tournament is directed by New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz. Around 700 people will compete to see who can be the most accurate and quickest at solving the New York Times style puzzles.

The American Crossword Tournament comes in three rounds. Saturday morning there are three puzzles to finish. Saturday afternoon brings three more, often with the most challenging one to end the day. Sunday there is a final puzzle to fill in before the points are totaled. The finalists then enter into a final round where the puzzles are blown up and the race takes place on the stage complete with color commentary. All the rounds are timed.

Five time American Crossword Puzzle champion Tyler Hinman will likely be there as well as his number one opponent Dan Feyer who won last year. Will you be there or will your space be left blank?

The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament will be held at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriot. Attendance for the tournament begins at $30 for spectators on Sunday to $255 for Friday through Sunday activities and participation.

333 Adams Street.

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