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Mosaic Puzzle

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p1_mosaicgrid Ken Knowlton, the creator of this crossword portrait, is a computer graphics pioneer and mosaicist. From close up, the grid looks merely like a large crossword puzzle. From a distance, though, the pattern of black-and-white squares forms an uncanny likeness of Will Shortz. For more examples of Ken's portraits of noted people — including Marilyn Monroe in seashells, Albert Einstein in dice, and mathemagician Martin Gardner in dominoes — visit

Frank Longo, who filled the crossword portrait with words and then clued them, is one of America's leading crossword constructors. He has created more than 2,500 crosswords since 1993. His work appears regularly in The New York Times, Games magazine, the Simon and Schuster Crossword Puzzle Book series, and other leading publications. He is the author of Cranium-Crushing Crosswords (Sterling Publishing Co.).

Without further ado ... on to the puzzle itself...