Explanation of Charts

Each contestant's score on each puzzle was based on the number of correct words, plus a bonus if the puzzle was solved with no mistakes, plus another bonus for speedy solving.

Below is one chart for each of the 7 puzzles at the 2005 Tournament.

Each chart shows:

  1. The graph shows how many entrants got each score. The scores are along the bottom, and the number achieving the score is on the right side. The different colors break down those scores by the five different skill divisions. The top experts are in the "A" division. For example, on puzzle #1, 22 contestants scored between 1201 and 1250. Nearly all of those were in the "A" division.
  2. The par score for each puzzle is the score for completing the puzzle correctly with no time bonus adjustment.
  3. The average score for each puzzle is a simple arithmetic average. It includes the 0-scores "awarded" to those contestants who, for one reason or another, did not turn in their puzzle.

Thanks to Mel Rosen for preparing these analyses!

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