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Don Christensen's Pictures

 Crossword Tournament

Don Christensen's Pictures from the 2019 ACPT Tournament: CRU Dinner Friday Night

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Anne Marie, Mike and ChrisAnne Marie, Mike and Chris

Arnold, Gretchen and JanArnold, Gretchen and Jan

Catherine, Al and HowardCatherine, Al and Howard

Cru Mike at the MicCru Mike at the Mic

Cru PalsCru Pals

Cru Photo BonanzaCru Photo Bonanza

Cru Photo with WillCru Photo with Will

Cru-Men Don and MikeCru-Men Don and Mike

Ellen and TheresaEllen and Theresa

Miriam Takes a Cru ShotMiriam Takes a Cru Shot

Crazy CruCrazy Cru 2019

ACPT Royalty ACPT Royalty, Judie Berger and Norma Mindell

Cru Dinner CelebritiesCru Dinner Celebrities, Will Shortz and Mike Alpern

Cru Dinner RegularsCru Dinner Regulars

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