American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

45th ACPT • March 31-April 2, 2023


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Dan Feyer, Tournament Victor with Will Shortz and Kameron Austin Collins
Don Christensen
Tournament victor Dan Feyer with Will Shortz and final puzzle constructor Kameron Austin Collins


  1. Dan Feyer (A winner)
  2. Paolo Pasco
  3. Tyler Hinman
  4. David Plotkin
  5. Stella Zawistowski
  6. Al Sanders
  7. Anne Ellison
  8. Adam Doctoroff
  9. Glen Ryan
  10. Jenna LaFleur

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B division

  1. Jenna LaFleur
  2. Matt Sandler
  3. Max Kurzman (B winner)

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C division

  1. Matthew Luter (C winner)
  2. Aaron Mead
  3. Evan Druce

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Capsule History

Year 45 • 2023 • 774 contestants

A record 774 contestants. Games World of Puzzles magazine sponsored the tournament for the first time. The first prize was increased to $7,000. Lisa Saltzman awarded the new Muriel Saltzman Prize of $2,000 in each of the five age categories. On Friday night Adam Wagner conducted an Anigrams contest on people's smartphones. Mick Hodgkin, puzzles editor of The Times of London, spoke and led a Times cryptic crossword contest. On Saturday night Stan Newman led "Bar Trivia." Rich Norris, joining by Zoom, received the Merl MEmoRiaL Award for lifetime achievement in crossword construction. The ceremony included a film interview by Zach Sherwin. Dan Feyer won the tournament for the ninth time, beating Paolo Pasco in the playoff by one second.

Will Shortz

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Solving Perfection

The following 85 contestants solved all 7 puzzles with no mistakes.

Sue Adams, Derek Allen, Richard Allen, Laura Bauer, John Beck, Michael Berman, Julie Bernhardt, Matthew Besse, Chelsea Blink, Joseph Bockskopf, Jonathon Brown, Gavin Byrnes, Catherine Cevoli, Kevan Choset, Brian Cross, Ken Crowell, Jon Delfin, Adam Doctoroff, Sam Donaldson, Alexandra Doumani, Evan Druce, David Eckert, Andrew Esten, Steve Feldman, Dan Feyer, Stephen Fineman, Jeff Frank, Michael Gilch, Gabriel Gonzalez, Randy Guggenheimer, Craig Harman, Erich Harrison, Sara Heard, Tyler Hinman, Evan Jenkins, Jason Keller, Josh Knapp, Hannah Krug, Max Kurzman, Jenna LaFleur, Jesse Lansner, Robert LaRose, Joe Longa, John Longmire, Bret Martin, Karenna Martin, Aaron Mead, Ada Nicolle, Stephanie Olcott, Dan O'Rourke, Ronald Osher, Jan O'Sullivan, David Park, Paolo Pasco, Doug Peterson, Greg Peterson, David Plotkin, Ric Quiñones, Arnold Reich, Claire Rimkus, Peter Rimkus, Christopher Ross, Jennifer Roth, Dan Sadoff, Al Sanders, Matt Sandler, Dan Schwartz, Jeffrey Schwartz, Rocky Schwarz, Miriam Sicherman, Addison Snell, Ken Stern, Roberta Strauss, Vega Subramaniam, Andrew Sullivan, Alexia Tate, Jen Thatcher, Jennifer Turney, Finn Vigeland, Nikolas Wada, Lawrence Wasser, Katie Weir, Thomas Weisswange, John Wilson, Stella Zawistowski.

Constructors and Officials

Photo Gallery of Constructors and Officials

Constructors — 2023

Constructors are listed alphabetically

Officials — 2023

Will ShortzTournament Director
Michael SmithTournament Coordinator
Nancy ParsonsLead Tech Team and Webmaster
Mike NothnagelLead Judge
Dave SullivanVirtual Tournament Manager
John Temple and Amuse LabsVirtual Tournament Tech
Peter RitmeesterOnline Solving Tech
Don ChristensenPhotographer
Greg Pliska and Ophira EisenbergPlayoff Announcers

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