American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

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Don Christensen's Pictures

Judging and Tech Rooms
Sunday Talent Show
Sunday C and B Finals
Sunday A Finals

 Crossword Tournament

Don Christensen's Pictures from the 2023 ACPT Tournament: Saturday

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Elizabeth HiraElizabeth Hira

Brendan Emmett QuigleyBrendan Emmett Quigley


Nancy BakerNancy Baker

Lynn LempelLynn Lempel

Tracy BennettTracy Bennett

Brad WilberBrad Wilber

A day of solving

A Warm Welcome BackA Warm Welcome Back

Record-Breaking Registration!Record-Breaking Registration!

A View from the PodiumA View from the Podium

A Time to ReFocusA Time to ReFocus

All Walks of LifeAll Walks of Life

The Age of Live StreamingThe Age of Live Streaming


So Great to be Back!So Great to be Back!

Honoring Anne's ReturnHonoring Anne's Return

International FlairInternational Flair

Mark Danna at RestMark Danna at Rest

An Official CollaborationAn Official Collaboration

Ben Elicits a LaughBen Elicits a Laugh


Overflow Room FocusOverflow Room Focus

Boss of the Lower LevelBoss of the Lower Level

Serenity at the Lower LevelSerenity at the Lower Level

Walden on WatchWalden on Watch

BW Study of FriendsBW Study of Friends

Colorful CompetitionColorful Competition

Competition Down UnderCompetition Down Under

Coping StrategiesCoping Strategies

Cozy CrosswordsCozy Crosswords



Frequent Champ, IncognitoFrequent Champ, Incognito

Looks Like Stella!Looks Like Stella!

Ubercross at the Puzzle MarketUbercross at the Puzzle Market

Saturday Night MEmoRiaL Award to Rich Norris

Will Livestreams Rich NorrisWill Livestreams Rich Norris

Will Shortz, Patti VarolWill Shortz, Patti Varol

Will with Merl Award PosterWill with Merl Award Poster

Zach Sherwin Interviews RichZach Sherwin Interviews Rich

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