American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

 Crossword Tournament

30th ACPT • March 23-25, 2007
Tyler Hinman and Ken Jennings
Don Christensen
Will Shortz congratulates three-time "A" Division Champion Tyler Hinman


  1. Tyler Hinman
  2. Al Sanders
  3. Francis Heaney
  4. Trip Payne
  5. Patrick Jordan
  6. Ellen Ripstein
  7. Kiran Kedlaya
  8. Katherine Bryant
  9. Jon Delfin
  10. Dave Tuller

B division

  1. Byron Walden
  2. Eric Maddy
  3. Eric LeVasseur

C division

  1. Katie Hamill
  2. Anne Erdmann
  3. Gerry Tansey
See left panel for full results. Scores updated May 16.

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